Gene Lange

Concept Artist, Illustrator, Game Artist



  • Strong combination of art and design experience and training
  • 20 years of solid and dedicated work ethic.
  • Skilled in a wide range of illustration, design, and concept art styles
  • Strong understanding of anatomy and character design
  • Strong understanding of environmental and architectural design
  • Strong understanding of technical and mechanical design
  • Excellent ability to quickly iterate from critique and input
  • Excellent at providing and receiving constructive feedback and communicating ideas
  • Quality-oriented professional with a reputation for excellence
  • Proven ability to quickly learn and utilize new methods, systems, and technologies
  • Passionate about creative problem solving and finding alternative angles of attack
  • Effective at working both independently and as a member of multidisciplinary teams
  • Special projects and tasks due to flexibility and positive attitude
  • Consistently completing projects on time and exceeding expectations
  • Friendly, entertaining, and easy to work with




  • 3D Studio MAX/Maya
  • xNormal, CrazyBump
  • 3D Coat/Mudbox/Zbrush
  • SpeedTree


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Painter


  • Unity
  • Audacity
  • GarageBand
  • Lightworks


Freelance Concept Artist & Illustrator – Seattle, WA 2012-present

Paper Atom – 2015-present

Creator/designer/developer on Dooria

  • concept art
  • game design
  • production art
  • animation
  • sound design and music

Sky Tyrannosaur – 2014-present

Concept and 2D environment production artist on Seafoam Empress

Sunbreak Games – 2012-2013

Concept and 2D environment production artist on Buddy & Me

Amanda Palmer Band – Album/Band cover illustration

Unannounced Ross Hotchkiss project – film pre-production as a concept and storyboard artist

WB Games / Monolith /Snowblind Studios – 2004-2011


A number of  unannounced titles and prototypes – World Artist (2004-2011) Matrix Online – World Artist (2004-2006) FEAR 2 / FEAR 2 DLC – World Artist (2006- 2009) Lord Of The Rings: War In The North (partnership with Snowblind Studios) – World Artist (2009-2010)


  • production modeling of rigid body and organic low and high polygon assets
  • Geometry optimization
  • shadow and BSP meshes


  • material blending (vertex- and texture-based)
  • UV unwrapping
  • creation of diffuse, specular, environment and emissive textures
  • generation of normal, cavity, and ambient occlusion maps

Set-up and level work

  • setting up physics geometry for both in-game simulation and keyframing
  • setting up in-game interaction and destruction of meshes
  • creation of effects
  • setup of scatter volumes
  • design and creation of modular prefabs
  • setup of player and AI nav-meshes and triggers
  • setting up lighting and atmosphere in the levels, creation of skyboxes
  • fleshing out of the environments and propagation of assets through levels

Concept and design

  • design of assets, reference gathering, environment and vehicle concept art
  • creation of style-sheets, color palettes, environment and lighting paint-overs
  • prototyping ideas, assessing their viability, and writing process documentation


  • moving assets between different engines/technologies
  • giving feedback and critique to other artists
  • troubleshooting and bug fixing

Michael McQuilken project – 2005

Artist on A Day In Dig Nation 

Worked as concept artist and production artist on Michael McQuilken’s award-winning one-man-show A Day In Dig Nation. The art was highlighted in review publications all over the world.

Miscellaneous Graphic Design and Illustration – 2001-2004

Worked as a freelance graphic designer, logo artist, brand artist, and illustrator for a number of start-up companies.

Humongous Entertainment – 2000

Worked on digital 2D animation clean-up for Putt-Putt, Freddy The Fish, Backyard Baseball, and other similar games.



Gage Academy of Art – various classes and workshops

The Art Institute Of Seattle – AAA in Computer Animation

PRATT Fine Arts Center – 1 year of various art classes

St-Petersburg Design Studio – St-Petersburg, Russia – 5 year program


References available upon request.